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IP Strategy Consulting

IP Strategy Consulting

Upstream advises companies on the business impact of their IP assets.

It is critical for today's business enterprises to understand, value and manage their intangible assets, which account for over 80% of the average business’ value. Understanding, capturing and communicating intangible asset value, are critical in raising capital and in selling all or a portion of a business.

Upstream helps enterprises identify their intangible assets and to understand, build and communicate the value of these assets.

We work closely with companies to help them identify proprietary and valuable know-how, trade secrets and potentially patentable inventions. We have helped many emerging companies develop a catalogue of IP assets, which in turn allows a company to be recognized for its intangible assets. Our team has worked with companies over a broad range of technology areas, including virtual reality, medical technology, biotechnology and healthcare IT, among others.

In addition, we have helped IP owners of numerous portfolios of differing technologies identify and rank their commercial and strategic best bets so that they can appropriately deploy financial and human resources. 

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