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IP Valuation & Value Creation

IP Valuation & Value Creation

Upstream has extensive experience in the valuation of IP assets, including patents, trademarks and copyrights, over a full range of contexts, such as for tax reporting requirements, to assist with business planning and licensing strategy and in support of legal matters.

We have extensive experience helping universities, companies of all sizes, hospitals and other organizations assess the value of their IP and technology and to determine the strategic options for optimal realization of IP value.

A commonly overlooked IP asset is data. Companies, universities and others often do not realize the value of data that that may have generated, accumulated or organized. Upstream has extensive experience in helping owners of data and databases identify the value in these intangible, and often undervalued, assets. We have helped our clients unlock and generate revenue from their data, leading to new service offerings and higher enterprise value.

Whether you are looking to assess your patent portfolio for licensing opportunities, to generate value from your data or a database, or to develop and increase asset value, Upstream can help you form a strategic plan to manage your portfolio and decisions.

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