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IP Licensing & Monetization

IP Licensing and Monetization

Upstream provides IP and technology licensing support for corporations, attorneys, universities and intellectual property owners. Upstream's principals have directly managed over 100 technology licensing programs in North America, Europe and Asia.

With over 20 years of experience in valuing IP assets and assessing their relationship to commercial strategy, we are able to help IP owners realize full value for their intangible assets.

We have industry and market experience in the areas of semiconductors, medical devices, molecular diagnostics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, software, compression technology, oil exploration, consumer products, financial tools, transportation, automotive and others. With previous founding roles in early stage technology ventures, through financing and operations, we understand and thrive on the challenges and potential associated with new technology solutions and products.

Our investment arm, Upstream Group, allows us to invest capital and management support to help in development, market and financial execution.

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