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Daily Distillery Introduces Vodkow

“Vodkow Bottle".”  Vodkow

“Vodkow Bottle".” Vodkow

Vodkow – vodka from a cow

The Dairy Distillery, in Almonte, Ontario, has brought together artisanal distilling techniques with cutting edge science to develop Vodkow, vodka made from cow’s milk. 

Omid McDonald, founder of Dairy Distillery, learned about unwanted milk permeate – the leftover from milk after the fats and proteins are taken out to make popular dairy products such as ice cream, cheese and butter, and worked with the University of Ottawa to find a yeast that can consume lactose and produce alcohol.

McDonald hopes that “more people will start making use of this lactose, which is currently being wasted. So we will see it as a positive thing if other people also started working with milk-based spirits.”

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