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IP Valuation & Value Creation Cases

IP Valuation & Value Creation Cases

Commercial Assessment & Licensing, Wireless Commerce Technology - Medium Size Company

Our consultants were engaged by a medium sized company that develops wireless commerce technology. Initially, the company had planned to roll out a consumer technology offering (to enable people to use their cellphones and PDA's to perform transactions) and had obtained a number of patents to protect its technology in this area. However, the company underwent a change in business direction and decided to focus on the business to business market instead. As a result, the company wanted to extract value from the consumer technology IP it was no longer using for its core business.

Our consultants assessed the IP licensing opportunity in the consumer wireless technology market. The company's Board of Directors has made the decision to explore a sale of the patent portfolio based on the assessment.

IP Identification and Catalogue, Population Health Management

Upstream was engaged with a company focusing on population health management through evidence based medicine. In this matter, the company had developed advanced analytics of patient health records and insurance payment data, and used these to develop patient care plans with the objective of improving care, improving overall population health and reducing costs.

The company had a strong need to be recognized for the value of its intangible assets, including algorithms and care plans, to ensure the value of its IP assets would be appropriately recognized as they sought investment. Also, the company was entering into collaborations with clients and developers, and needed to ensure that the ownership of its IP assets was recognized and that certain assets were protected appropriately.

We conducted an audit of the company’s intellectual property, which involved identifying its IP developments and preparing an IP catalogue of its IP assets. We also brought in outside IP counsel and engaged in a program to protect trade secrets, copyrights (algorithms and database architecture), and patentable matter. We were instrumental in making the company more aware of how it should identify and protect its IP rights in partnership and other transactions.

Virtual Reality IP Asset Management and Licensing Program

Upstream conducted an investigation of products and companies relevant to our client’s patents in the virtual reality field, which related to 360 degree video capture and viewing. Our client held a significant portfolio of patents addressing image capture, image processing, media distribution and media viewing. Over a three month period Upstream identified over 150 entities that promoted products and services that had relevance to our client’s patents, and also to their enabling technology.

Upstream was able to help modify the company’s license agreements and we assisted in securing licenses to the company’s patents and to secure collaborative relationships with several parties in need of the enabling software our company. In addition, the company received bridge funding and then was acquired by a large media production company.

Pharmaceutical Drug Delivery

This project involved valuing drug delivery patent assets for specific geographical territories. The underlying technology was a novel drug delivery technique that was applied to several neuropathic pain treatments. Our consultants provided a valuation of the assets for a number of countries and this valuation served as the basis of negotiations between the IP holder and licensees.